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Chiropractic Care

To be clear, chiropractic does not treat specific conditions.  What we do treat is your nervous system.  The goal of this is to optimize nerve function so that your body utilizes its full potential to self-regulate and heal.

That said, any condition can potentially improve and even totally resolve as a result of chiropractic care.


Consider that, “The nervous system controls and coordinates all the organs and structures of the human body.” Grays textbook of anatomy.  The nervous system is so important that it even innervates itself!  This happens through structures called the nervi nervorum in which the nervous system seems to keep track of its own activity in the overall process of regulating your body.


With this in mind, can you begin to see how restoring and optimizing nerve flow within the body can open the door to improving your issues?


Feel free to explore the links to conditions that respond well to chiropractic care, but remember it’s all abut improving communication between your brain and body, through the nervous system!

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